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What comes to mind when you think about a Vegas Party Bus Tour? A nightclub on wheels? That’s exactly what Nite Tours ®- the ultimate nightlife tour company in Vegas offers. We named our Vegas party bus tour the “Nightclub on Wheels” because we just don’t offer transportation between the hottest clubs in Vegas, we host the hottest party between the clubs in Vegas.

If you have never been on our Vegas VIP Club Crawl you are missing out on the best nightlife experience Vegas has to offer.

Our VIP Club Crawl begins at a swanky ultra lounge and then we hit three of the hottest Vegas nightclubs on the Las Vegas strip. On a Nite Tour you receive VIP entry into the nightclubs (no lines and never a cover charge). We only work with the top Vegas nightclubs  because we pride ourselves on delivering the best nightlife experience in Vegas.

So, we’ve talked a lot about our Vegas Party Bus Tour and how it’s the hottest party in Vegas but we will let you be the judge of that. When you board the party bus the first thing you will see is the standup bar that serves “FREE DRINKS” all night long, next you will notice the plasma TV’s that are playing the latest hits, finally no Vegas Party Bus would be complete without the stripper pole. Add all of these amenities and several party goers ready to enjoy a night on the Vegas strip and you have the ultimate “Nightclub on Wheels”.

What are you waiting for? Join Nite Tours on the ultimate Vegas Party Bus Tour!