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This is not your Mom & Dad’s typical weekend BBQ Pool Party with thier neighbors.  Las Vegas Pool Parties are basically “Day Clubs”.  A place to see and been seen in Las Vegas this summer! So, just like any nightclub, you need to break out the makeup and dress the part.

Top Sin City Pool Parties are: Wet Republic, Marquee Dayclub, Encore Beach Club, TAO Beach,

Let’s start with the men. Fashion is not only for the women, as men need to have the right pool party swimsuit attire. We are not talking about the banana hammock, or the tight schlong exposed speedo.  Most men wear cool looking board shorts and that’s totally acceptable and your best bet!  However, Men, you must wear a shirt.  Whether its a tight shirt to show off you’re a buff body, or a loose T to cover up your Midwest pasty white skin, everyone is on even playing ground – leave your chains and sneakers at home.

Women, Las Vegas Pool Party Dress Codes are basically all the same when it comes to “Pool Party” beach wear etiquette.  As you will be drinking in extreme heat and around other beautiful people, find a swimsuit that is comfortable, fits well and of course is fashionable/trendy. When we say comfortable, show as much skin as you feel necessary or if you are a little daring, visit BARE a topless beach club.  Try and stay away from the tacky “pasties” or see through swimsuits as you probably will not make into the pool party.  Basically, what we are saying is stay fashionable, while being comfortable.

What’s a fashionable & sexy swimsuit without a trendy cover up and high heels!  Most all pool parties require a cover up and heels in their dress code.  With the heat being anywhere from 105 – 115 degrees, the cover up is probably one of the most noticeable fashion statements at the Las Vegas or “Sin City” Pool Parties. As you know there are several types of cover ups, from full length to hip style cover ups. Whatever your fashion requires, we believe you will want to have one on hand, as you are not allowed to walk through the casinos in your bathing suit without a cover up.  All pool parties you have to enter through a casino.

Las Vegas Pool Party

One last note.  Be prepared to have fun but be cautious.  Don’t take expensive bling, drink lots of water between alcohol drinks and please take appropriate sunscreen. We have seen way too many people get sunstroke and end up at the clinic and being sun burned at night in the clubs is not fashionable

If you get a chance, click the links to the Hottest Beach Parties in Las Vegas. Each link takes you directly to their website to review upcoming events, DJ’s, and more:

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