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Inside Secrets To Las Vegas Nightlife:

I know that a lot of companies try and hook you to spend money with them and then worry afterwards about how to get you back again.  Nite Tours goal is to be upfront and let you know exactly what you are purchasing so there is no hidden misconceptions of what you are receiving on a Nite Tours.

So, what do you get on a Nite Tours Club Crawl:  9:30PM You meet at the first location, always at a hip ultra lounge. (Find your way to the starting location). Once you arrive you tell the door host you are on Nite Tours and they will guide you to the registration table. If the host is new he/she may not know of Nite Tours, so walk in and look for people at a table that has paper work and wristbands on the table.  Once you introduce yourself to the Nite Tours VIP hostess they will look up your name and put a wrist band on you and give you some 2for1 drink vouchers to be used at the ultra lounge only.  at 10:30PM your host will meet you outside of the ultra lounge and will go over the rules of the tour. They will then escort you over to the first night club with VIP Access and all cover paid.  The first club usually takes about 10 minutes as the club sometimes take a few extra minutes to open the doors.  Have your ID ready, as the longer it takes people in the group to find their ID, the longer it takes to get in.  You will stay at the first club over 1 hour, you will then meet your tour Host out side the club at the time and location your host informed you when he/she went over the rules portion outside of the ultra lounge.  You will then be escorted to our luxury limo bus with free beverages to keep you going, stripper pole contests, music and fun (we call our buses “Night Clubs on Wheels”.  You will arrive at the second club where your hosts will tell you again what time you are leaving and where to meet.  Nite Tours VIP host will escort you into the club with VIP Access and all cover paid. Nite Tours hosts will dance with you and have fun.  When it is time to leave you will meet the rest of the tour at the meeting location at the time stipulated.  you then hop on board the “Night Club on Wheels” one more time to end at the last night club with VIP Access and all cover paid.  this is where you can stay as long as you wish as that is the end of the tour.


Nite Tours is building new tour packages around the world, the time is right to really share with you how to take advantage of Nite Tours and get the biggest bang for your buck to enjoy the Best Night Life company in the World!


How to get a Discount:

Nite Tours rarely discounts, as we truly take you to the elite clubs of a city. There is so much included in a Nite Tours that you get what you pay for. However, watch Groupon, Rue La La, Jetsetter, Living Social, Sniqeuaway. Nite Tours has recently signed deals to discount tours once a quarter.  it is a beta test to launch new cities

  1. Value Added: If you want to book a Nite Tours in one of the cities whether it be a Martini Wine Crawl, Club Crawl, Rock & Roll Champagne tour, go to the Online Brokers who sell Nite Tours, as they have value added coupons and discounts so you get even more with your Nite Tours tickets such as Party Passes, 2for1 Nite Tours, 20% savings, etc..visit Expedia Activities, Orbitz, Travelocity,, etc
  2. Ask for a comp(Coming Soon), if you are staying at MGM, Venetian or Palms, and you are gambling, ask them for a Nite Tours comp. NTI is exclusive to these hotels to offer night life tours.  if you are gambling and the buffet is not your thing, ask for a Nite Tours pass and based on your gambling trends, they may comp you!
  3. Watch the NTI Website also for savings. When NTI launches a new product they usually discount the tour to get large quantities of people on the tour to get hype on the tour…
  4. I want to have an amazing Nite Tours Experience: if you do, then you need to participate. You get out, what you put into a Nite Tours!!! it is that simple!!!  Get involved in the stripper pole contests or the blind tastings, or the joke contests, and conga lines, the more you let loose the more fun you will have!!! This is your night, enjoy it and have fun…we do this every night and it is our job to supply the good times, it is your job to participate!!
  5. Reserved Seating in Clubs: Some people think you get reserved seating in the night clubs on Nite Tours.  Here in Vegas that will cost you $400 and up.  when you enter a club and a table is not being used, ask if you can sit down until they sell the table.  you usually have to tip $40 to do so, but then you look like a high roller sitting down when everyone is standing. However once that table is sold you will get kicked out…
  6. How do I get into the clubs quicker on Nite Tours: have your ID out and ready for the doorman to inspect. Some people get mad that it takes up to 10 minutes to get into a club, that is because someone on the tour cannot find their ID.
  7. “I am not sure I want to go on a full Nite Tours“: No problem, Nite Tours offers the Party Bus Express making it 2 clubs vs 3 clubs or The Party Pass.  The Party Pass where you meet your Nite Tours VIP Hostess at the first Ultra Lounge with 2for1 drinks offered to you.  at a specific time your Nite Tours VIP Hostess will gather you outside of the Ultra lounge and walk you over to the night club with VIP Access all cover charges paid.
  8. I have Rights to do what I want on Nite Tours: Leave your attitude in the city you just came from! If you are intoxicated, rude, annoying, trouble maker or a loud mouth Nite Tours, Hotel Security and the night clubs have full rights not to let you back on the tour or let you in the club/hotel…Hotel staff will remove you from the property.  Just because you paid for a tour does not give you any rights to treat people with disrespect or ruin others evenings. We will kick your ass off a tour so quick you will be wondering what just happened!!!  We will remove people who potentially will ruin other clients fun evening!
  9. I am a lady can I get free drinks in the clubs: Yes you can, but only on promotion nights, such as Thursday at Jet in Mirage or a Friday at Bank…these tours change often, so there is not always free drinks in the clubs, but when there is it is usually champagne (like we serve in the bus) or Vodka.
  10. Premium drinks on the bus: Some clients think that they get premium drinks on the Nite Tours luxury limo bus, like Dom, Crystal, an assortment of imported Scotches…Come on People you are paying $79!!! However, Nite Tours does offer a free assortment of beer, Smirnoff coolers and champagne to wet your whistle and keep the buzz going. So if you want premium liquor, you can ask your Nite Tours Call Center Agent to bill your credit card to pick you up a bottle of your favorite drink and mixes.  there is a premium cost to this.  You can also bring your own bottle and put it on the bus if you wish.  You cannot bring the bottle into the ultra lounge when you check in…once you arrive at the hotel where the tours is starting from, put your bottle with the Bell desk (please tip them) and you can pick it up on your way to the bus…
  11. Do your research: there are companies who offer something similar to Nite Tours but they are misleading you into calling them so they can up sell you into spending more money. Nite Tours is up front with our tour itineraries, so you know which clubs you are going to in an evening.  Nite Tours is also up front with all costs with NO hidden fees (reservation fees apply).  Look at other company websites – they tell you how great they are, but they don’t tell you what clubs you go to, or what they really offer.   I don’t know any “A” rated clubs that will let you play beer pong in them, which is what they promote!!!  VIP Red will sell you a tour for $49 to all lounges and B rated night clubs, this you can do on your own.  please do your research and ask questions and understand the value of Nite Tours. We want your experience with us to be perfect!
  12. How to book your tour? You don’t have to call the Nite Tours office to confirm your booking.  You can do that all online 24/7, as it is safe, encrypted and we do NOT sell your information EVER to ANYONE.   PLEASE read the FAQ’s of the tours so you know the refund policy, the dress code, what you actually receive on Nite Tours so there is no misconceptions of the tour.
  13. Have a Group and I don’t want to pay private prices: some people think they need to book a private bus for their group…NO, you don’t, as we charge you more money to go private.  Call the office and let them know how many people you have, you never know we may have a bus scheduled to go out with no passengers booked yet that we can give you private with out the cost of paying for a private tour.
  14. I want to keep my group together: When booking a Nite Tours pick a name that is perfect for your group and have everyone in your group who calls in to pay for the tour mention the group name so you are all on the same bus
  15. “I can get into any night club I want in Vegas”: No you can’t!!! it is impossible to visit 3 A rated clubs in an evening without lining up for at least 1 hour at each club, and paying $40 per club ($120 total per person). Nite Tours is successful due to the quick access into the clubs and being only $79.  Nite Tours has over 500 people an evening on tours and noted as being the number one night life venue in a city.  But i can tell you how to get into the clubs: I would suggest taking a Nite Tours one night, this way you get the lay of the land and you can experience 3 hot clubs. Pick the club you want to go to the second night. Look Sharp and dressed to the 9′s, have mostly all women in your group, if you dont find some and bring them with you from the line.  Shake hands with a doorman and tell him you were on Nite Tours last night and you are coming back, as this was our favorite club. Ask if there is a way to get in this evening or on a guest list PLEASE?  The doorman or VIP Host of that club will usually let you in, as you were in the club on Nite Tours the night before and they know you are spending money!
  16. I am a returning client: let the Nite Tours office know you are returning client (although they can tell on the reservations system) and maybe they can give you some extra’s, like a discount for the tour or a discount on another tour…
  17. Everyone loves to be Tipped: Very few people tip, but everyone wants the service.  If you really want to get your Nite Tours hosts to take care of you, tip them early in the night. this way if you need something in a club or whatever it is, they have the connections you need!!!
  18. Want stronger drinks?: Your first round of drinks should be at the wood (the bar) not through a waitress.  Leave a healthy tip and make sure the bartender recognizes it.  I usually hang out at the end of bar, so after I leave my tip, they take very good care of me.  Night clubs are very busy and the way to a bartenders heart is through their wallet…Example I purchased 3 drinks total $54, I leave a $20 tip…I may pay for the drinks on a credit card, but I tip in cash! this way it is tangible and they touch/feel it. Now you are noted as a valuable client, so when the bar is busy and you need something they jump over to you…Remember a lot of bars “free pour” so your drinks will get stronger the next round and then you tip according to how you feel the drinks were and the service.  Bartenders can also hook you up with other singles or tell you of any specials going on…
  19. Want Free Drinks? Of course Nite Tours has Free drinks on the luxury buses, but let’s say you want to have a few to start the evening before you meet the tour. Go to the hotel bar that have the Electronic Poker and put in $20 (remember drinks are $8-$12 at that bar in Vegas) play 25 cent machine. and play Max ($1.25) and order your drink…when they see you are gambling $1.25 or max, they give you the drink for free…When the drink comes they will also put a glass in front of you empty with a receipt in it, that means it is a running tab based on what you play, put $5 immediately in that cup for a tip…take your time playing as the machines will each your money, and keep ordering drinks, but for every drink put another $2 or $3 in the club in singles…you will end up drinking for free for about 1 hour and it will cost you the tip and who knows you may make money at the machine and get paid to drink!!!
  20. Manners; please, thank you, excuse me…: I can’t tell you how many people in this world do not have manners and expect people to do things for them. On a Nite Tours, the more manners you have, the more people will take care of you. Your tour hosts are paid to take care of you no matter how rude you are, but the bars are not.  the sweeter and down to earth you are, the more you will get out of your Vegas nightlife experience.  There are so many people that treat bar staff as if they are no bodies, so when you come along being sweet and down to earth, they want to take care of you!!!  that means free drinks, and a smile!!!
  21. Dress to Impress: On a Nite Tours you are visiting the elite night clubs, lounges and venues in the World.  If you want to be recognized (and who doesn’t) dress with class, style and fun…no wife beaters, flip flops, dirty running shoes, T shirts, etc…You will not get on the Nite Tours and you certainly will not get into the night clubs.  Men: wear a collar shirt and in Fall/winter wear a jacket and dress shoes. Jeans are ok, as long as they are not ripped/torn or ugly.  Women: high heels, cocktail dresses, or slacks and blouses…if you are not dressed to impress, you will be embarrassed as everyone in these clubs are polished!!!
  22. Las Vegas Nigth Life

    The Safest Tour for women to celebrate

    Want a Private car to cruise the strip after your Nite Tours? Each hotel has private cars sitting in the front of the hotel…barter with them on an hourly price, DO NOT pay to go from point A to Point B.  usually a fair price is $40 an hour and if you want the car can take you to a strip club.  if you want to go to a strip club, ask for a free ride, as the driver gets paid by the strip club to take you there.

  23. I lost Everyone What do I do: The clubs are large and it is easy to lose the people from the tour…DON’T PANIC, always remember the Times that the bus is leaving and from which location.  This way if you lose your friends in the club, just show up on time at the bus and you will all meet up again.  But if you miss the Bus, then you are on your own to catch a cab and meet at the next location…you can call the office hotline and an after hours phone number will be given for you to call.
  24. Line Passes and “I am a woman I can get into the club”: We had bizarre complaint from a woman telling us how beautiful she is and that she can get into any club with out Nite Tours…Yes if you are a woman or a group of women dressed up you “may” get into the clubs for free (no guarantee), but you WILL line up for up as long as 1 hour.  Line Passes do not work! there i said it!!! Again you will Line up at the clubs…in Vegas there is a hierarchy, Movie/TV/Music Artists, Bottle Service, Nite Tours, VIP’s and guests, General population, Beautiful women, Line passes…Nite Tours is always at the top of the list as we bring thousands of clients per week and we are the number one promoter of clubs in Las Vegas, so we take care of each other!!!
  25. Difference between a Line Pass and Nite Tours Party Pass: Line pass you pick up a pass that gives you free admission and no line and does not work. you will wait for at least 45 minutes to 1.45 hours in a line pass line with others.  Nite Tours Party Pass you actually meet our host at a lounge and you receive 2for1 drinks, then at a specific time our host will walk you over to the night club with VIP Access and probably a 5 minute wait time with your cover all ready taken care of so you can go straight in and have a great evening!



At Nite Tours, we truly want to be one of your highlights when you visit Las Vegas.  if we do something wrong (as we are not perfect) let us know so we can fix the issue so we do not repeat it.  We only want to offer the best in Quality Service and Value in nightlife to our clients.  If we did a good job, we ask that you go to www.TripAdvisor.comor and share with the world your Nite Tours experience.  We rarely advertise, as that drives up costs to you, so we do this through blogs and travel rating websites.