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The Perfect Night in Las Vegas Couples or Singles

There is so much to do in Las Vegas that sometimes you are just too tired to go out at night!  That was a joke!!!  Even if you are exhausted, as soon as you step into one of the many Las Vegas venues you will light up as if you just drank 10 red bull beverages.

Las Vegas offers everything for every taste from the casual drink to people watch, to the dinner & show or even the world famous night clubs.  However, how do you see it all without standing in line for hours or trying to find the best available tickets?  When it comes to night clubs in Las Vegas, Nite Tours has you covered.  Take the Nite Tours VIP Club Crawl in Las Vegas and sample the hottest night clubs in the world.

What To Expect On a Nite Tours Club Crawl

Start your night getting “dressed to impress” at your hotel. around 9PM make your way out the door and over to the starting lounge at Level Up inside MGM Grand Hotel. once you arrive you will meet your “AMAZING” Nite Tours Hosts and Hostesses.  They will check you in, give you drink tickets and put on your wristband.  Wristband gets you into the clubs and on the luxury party buses all night long.  Now, the lounge is where you get to meet everyone on your Nite Tours.  Nite Tours sells tickets all over the world such as United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Holland, Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan, and across Canada and the USA.  Once you meet everyone, now the party starts, off to the first night club.  Clients ask “Why do we walk to the first night club and not the luxury bus”?  Well, we have late comers who are attending dinners, Vegas Shows, concerts and other functions.  Nite Tours wants to make sure we are available and accommodating to ensure everyone has an amazing time on the tours.

Nite Tours Club Crawls Las Vegas

As we arrive at the first night club, which in this case would be Hakkasan, have your ID’s ready. If you are from a different country, you must show a valid Government ID such as a Passport (American & Canadians can use their drivers license).  You are now being expedited past the huge lines and into the world famous Hakkasan night club.  You roughly have 1 hour to enjoy DJ’s such as Tiesto, Steve Aoki and may others.  Watch the time as you will have to meet your Nite Tours Host in the lobby by the exit to the club.  You are now about to enter the best part of the evening, the world famous Nite Tours Night Club on Wheels.  Today’s hottest hits, open bar with beer, coolers, champagne and the new Blue Planet (flavors such as vodka soda, screw drivers, manhattan, Cosmopolitan and others).  The Nite Tours luxury buses are the perfect compliment to any night club in Las Vegas as the party continues full equipped with dance floor and strippers pole.

Las Vegas Night Club on Wheels Party Bus

The Nite Tours Party Bus

To be honest, the Nite Tours Party Bus is the best time on any club crawl and adds to a perfect night in Las Vegas.  Wait…there’s more!  We are now off to the next night club, which would be Jewel at Aria.  Disembark the Party bus, dont worry it will be right here when you get back, into your own private line as you enter into Jewel night club with all cover charges taken care of.  Your Tour Hostess will tell you when we are leaving and where to meet!  After Jewel night club, you are now back on the party bus with more dancing, beverages and your new Tribe that you just met tonight, but are now your new Besties.  You are going to your last night club, which is XS at Wynn. grab all of your belongings and follow your tour Host into the night club with all cover paid, and expedited line for the last time this evening.  Now, you can stay here until close or go back and visit the previous night clubs on the tour and go home when you are ready or keep the night going by grabbing a late night bite.


What’s Included in My Club Crawl

Each Nite Tours Club Crawl in Las Vegas is inclusive of the following:  2 or 3 night clubs (pending what you choose), discount drinks where applicable, all cover charges, expedited entry, Tour Host or Hostess, Nite Tours luxury party bus with dance floor, stripper pole, unlimited beverages.  What it does not include: Transportation to the first lounge or back to your hotel at end of tour, drinks in the venues (lounge or night clubs).


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