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Where did the Club Crawl Actually Begin?

1984 Darin Feth went on a journey to Los Angeles to be a stand up comic and enjoy the Hollywood scene.  After 7 years of travelling across the United States, Feth discovered his calling was to pioneer night life around the world. Today, Feth has entertain over 3 Million people on club crawls around the world which all started in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

We have to remember that “pub crawls” have been around for over 100 years, in England and Ireland if not all over Europe.  However, no one thought of incorporating this simple concept into night club hopping while on a luxury party bus.

The first ever club crawl was a mix of Stand Up Comedy, with stops at an Irish or English Pub and then off to 2 night clubs. Transportation was on the first ever Party Bus, which was an English Double Decker that was purchased from Manchester, UK.  Nite Tours then converted Grey Hound MCI buses into 47 passenger limo party buses.  Nite Tours then started to experiment with other vehicles such as Cargo Vans, and Trolley Buses.  Today, Nite Tours only focuses on the 40 foot luxury ride buses.




Luxury Party Buses

Today’s Nite Tours Party Buses are full of luxury and style as you only visit the hottest night life in a city. Nite Tours Party Buses are called “Night Club on Wheels” and you will see why when you board these incredible land Yachts. Not only do you have Bose Surround sound stereo, the music is matched up with video and lighting (just like today’s hottest night clubs).  Lighted dance floor with the sexiest strippers poles on the Las Vegas Strip.  Full service drink holders and coolers to keep your drink cold, along with cell phone charges at every seat.  Some of Nite Tours luxury party buses have a full DJ area along with a full length open roof. The creativity is limitless.







Nite Tours has grown around the world and has operated in such cities as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Phoenix, Chicago, Dallas, New York, Indianapolis, Berlin, Frankfurt, Madrid, Barcelona, London, Dublin, Paris, Hong Kong and growing.













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