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Over 3 Million Club Crawlers and Growing

Leaving comedy was not an easy decision. Leaving SNL and giving up the dream of being in movies with some of the best in the industry was painful. However, life leads us down paths that are always twisting and turning and in the end we arrive exactly where we are suppose to be. Partying every night of the week in the best night clubs in the world.  Nite Tours was my calling!  Bringing comedy, music and a cool double decker bus (from England, which was the first every party bus in the world) to the world.

We Produced A Fun Nite Tours Video –

The Nite Tours Video is different from any other promotions produced by Nite Tours.  We wanted to take out the “Serious” aspect of partying and add a twist of fun through our cartoon characters.

Please watch click below

Experiencing the best night clubs and nightlife in the world can be daunting, but its a lot of fun.  being whisked into clubs past the line as if you are a movie star.  Experiencing bottle service at the best tables in the clubs (best place to be seen) as well as dancing with some of the world’s top celebrities and stars. This is the life style that I have been destined to share with everyone who goes on a Nite Tours. Nite Tours clients around the world. There is not a day that goes by that me and my Team are not trying to develop a new tour in a new City.

When you take a Nite Tours, remember all that has gone into making sure you are having the best time of your life.  We have had to sacrifice our evenings by going out in Limousine party buses, testing new innovative drinks that are from companies around the world.  Most of all we have had to suffer through some of the world hottest DJ’s drinking these drinks, dancing and partying with the Who’s Who.  WE DID THIS FOR YOU!!!

Big Hugs from the Nite Tours Team to you and your friends. We only want the most Luxurious, Safest and best evening of your life on Nite Tours.